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Established in 1996, adss was conceived as a supplier of rope access services to the industrial market. By identifying our clients requirements and responding appropriately we have evolved to become an industry leader in the supply of access solutions both in heavy industry and lighter applications.

Our multi skilled workforce are not only highly trained access technicians – but also skilled craftsmen. adss has built a considerable nationwide customer base in a wide range of industries including mining, steel manufacturing, construction and demolition and power generation. Our management team offers many years’ combined experience in industrial rope access as well as engineering, health and safety and turnkey project management.

Offering a dynamic, proactive and competent management team as well as highly trained tradesmen we aim to provide a solution to our clients requirements whilst ensuring that value is always achieved.

Alternative access solutions (rope access, cradle and powered access) provide access to the area of works for our working teams with minimum setup time or disturbance. This allows for vastly reduced costs and increased productivity. The variety of alternative access techniques that we offer ensures that the correct methodology is used for each individual task. This not only provides the most cost effective method of access but also the safest and quickest.

Our high level of operative training and competence as well as rigorous QA procedures ensure that all works are completed to a high standard. We value long term relationships with our clients and believe that only by offering such a high level of service and value can this be achieved. Our client base and the longevity of the relationships achieved are evidence of our commitment to understanding their requirements and providing the correct solutions at the right cost.

Safety is paramount in all works that we undertake. Having evolved within the high risk heavy industry sector we understand what is required to provide safe working environments for both our teams and third parties. Rigorous risk assessment, understanding the risks associated with the individual working environment, constant monitoring of safety standards and careful selection of operatives has lead to a positive safety culture throughout the company.

We pride ourselves in being able to offer professional, dynamic and comprehensive work solutions to all of our clients’ needs, focussing on safety, quality, service and efficiency.

Why choose adss?

Industrial rope access allows safe and efficient access to locations which would otherwise be inaccessible or prohibitively expensive using other methods such as scaffolding or powered access.

Based on the principle of abseiling, industrial rope access allows operatives to be accurately positioned at height, either above or below ground – normally without the need for other methods – by means of a system of primary and backup ropes. This normally brings substantial benefits in safety, cost, downtime and impact on the site.

The elimination of the need for multiple contractors on a project minimises activity on site, reducing the probability of accidents.

Industrial rope access can be used independently or in combination with other access methods. It is being increasingly designed into buildings and other structures as the system of choice for safe, efficient access to working places at height.

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adss Ltd

Established in 1996 adss was conceived as a supplier of rope access services to the industrial market. By identifying our clients requirements and responding appropriately we have evolved to become an industry leader in the supply of access solutions both in heavy industry and lighter applications.


Rope Access

Rope access provides a proven, versatile and safe method of access with many benefits.
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As a company we have been shaped by the engineering needs of our customers.
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Civil Asset Management

Using the latest innovations in material technology, we ensure that our clients structures maintain their integrity.
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Industrial Cleaning

Our competence in access techniques alongside thorough confined space training has enabled our operatives to remove debris from areas outside of the standard remit.
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Testing and Inspection

We offer a wide variety of inspection and surveying methods to suit our clients requirements.
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Emergency Services

We have over 16 years experience of providing access solutions for activities involving working at height, within confined spaces and in areas of restricted access.
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Industrial Coating Systems

At access direct site services ltd we have been at the forefront of innovative coating system application for over a decade.
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Cradle Access

Cradle access provides an alternative access solution, and can be the most effective choice when undertaking certain types of work.
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Why we are different


With all works carried out by Access Direct, quality is at the heart of everything we do. With our in-house quality team, lead by our compliance manager, all projects completed will be followed up with an in-depth report works carried out.


We have everything you need in-house. So you can count on consistent workmanship and a rapid response, with little need for sub-contractors or hire equipment and machinery.


Whilst understanding standard methods are a good benchmark to work from, Access Direct are consistently pushing these standards and are not afraid to try new ways of working and technologies.


While we thrive on a challenge, safety comes first, second and third with us. As an accredited company, we enrol all our team in the best safety training available. Meaning every job is performed in the absolute safest way. No exceptions.

Some of our clients

Some of our clients

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