Rope access provides a proven, versatile and safe method of access with many benefits.

time icon Minimal Mobilisation Time

Rope access systems are quick to implement. This has the positive benefit of an increased productivity period during any project time allocation. This can lead to a tangible benefit when planning turn key works, or any works where timescales are limited.

minimal disturbance icon Minimal Disturbance

Due to the physical nature of the equipment used for rope access activities, and the speed at which it can be implemented / removed, the disturbance both to other working parties, and the operation of local plant is minimalised.

hand icon Safety

Working at Height is one of industries most accident prone activities. Rope access has continually proven to be the safest method for working at height available. All activities are governed by strict guidelines set out by the governing body IRATA (Industrial Rope Safety is further improved by the reduction of time spent on site leading to reduced site activity and therefore the reduced probability of safety issues occurring. All rope access teams are self rescuing, should an incident occur then all operatives are trained to perform the rescue of their colleagues.

stop sign icon Access To 'Unaccessable' Areas

The versatility of rope access methods has proven to be instrumental in gaining access to areas of work previously unobtainable using standard access techniques.

pound sign icon Costs

Due to the reduction in time allocation and equipment costs utilising rope access methods represents a significant saving over traditional methods.

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